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diabetes3Diabetics—and pre-diabetics—need to know how their blood sugar levels are doing over time. The A1C test measures a person’s amount of glucose in hemoglobin in the blood over the past three months, giving doctors a good idea of how effectively the person has been controlling their blood sugar over time and how their treatment plan is working.

The A1C test shows if a person’s blood glucose levels are normal or elevated. The higher the result, the more likely a person will experience health problems, so the goal is to get the A1C result down to “7%” or less. You can check an A1C chart to see the different numbers, and what’s normal versus what’s high and requires a patient to make changes or face problems.

People who are pre-diabetic or diabetic should take an A1C test twice a year or more. Ask your doctor or health care provider for details about Medicare’s coverage of the A1C test.

This website is about the A1C test as it relates to diabetes, with information about testing, products, and healthy living tips to deal with diabetes.