Which Factors Can Alter Blood Test Results In People With Diabetes?

Contrary to popular belief, all blood tests were not created equal. This is especially true for those designed to diagnose diabetes. There are a number of factors that can sway blood glucose readings in either direction, which can greatly alter the results and the subsequent outcome of the tests. We’re going to look at a few of those factors and how each one can affect the outcome of a glucose test in its own way.

Eating Habits

Food increases the amount of glucose in the blood so if a glucose test is taken shortly after mealtime, it will give a higher reading than if the same test were taken on an empty stomach. That’s why fasting is recommended before checking blood glucose levels. It levels the playing field and gives a better indication of what glucose levels are normally.

Lifestyle Habits

diabetes exerciseMost people may not be aware that many of their current lifestyle habits can be directly linked to their blood glucose levels. People who are healthy, stress-free and lead an active lifestyle tend to have lower blood glucose levels than people who are in otherwise poor health, stressed or lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Testing Factors

Even the type of test you take can alter your blood glucose readings. The A1C test is designed to give a mini-history of your blood glucose level over a three month time frame, which can help doctors better pinpoint averages. The A1C test results do not fluctuate with meals or because of other triggers like home monitor readings often do. However, even temperature changes, testing materials or handling procedures can affect the outcome of an A1C test so while it’s definitely the best choice for an accurate glucose reading, it’s not a fool proof one by any means.

If you have questions or concerns about your blood glucose levels or if you would like to discuss your testing options, make an appointment with your primary care physician. He can help you determine which blood glucose test is right for you and help ensure that the test is done within a controlled environment capable of producing the most accurate results.

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